UPDATE: Systems are going quickly and we urge those that are interested to fill out form TODAY…

(Founders PREMIUM System will increase after this Roll out closes)

New Update:

For those of you READY to commit I have put a new $97 deposit feature in place. Not required NOW but an option once we speak. Thank You

Frank Santagato


Please DO NOT get hung up on any answers you are not sure about. Our entire business model is built around EASE and EFFORTLESS so the last thing we want for you is to get stuck on a certain questions or exact amounts.

Simply fill in the best you can… because… if we are a good fit, then we offer the option to come out and meet you, see the house and explain anything you need answered – before we send the Cleaning Team!

No high-pressure sales and no hassle. Just help for you and your family.

****NOTE: This form goes straight to my personal “inbox”. No one else sees it, I don’t sell it and I won’t spam it with 100 emails a day! It is simply used as a tool to help me see if we can help.

Effortless 365 Questionaire

  • No stress here... simply choose the one YOU think describes your home best.
  • Again, No stress here... simply choose the one YOU think describes your home best. Place a # in the box below.
  • If your home has tile and you would like to have the initial cleaning and then add it to your program simply click yes or no.
  • Again, No stress here... just tell us how many areas in your home have tile. We are NOT totally concerned about EXACT amount of sq. ft. right now. 🙂
  • That's right, we know NOT everyone is ready to clean today! So when you get on board with us, we can actually schedule your Initial cleaning as far out as 6 months! BUT... you need to get on board now with a commitment before we close out for the year. No Money will change hands UNTIL the initial cleaning.
  • That's right. Who knows your home better than you! Share with us the times of year you like to clean. How many pets if any. Do they have 'accidents'. What about toddlers, kids yup even teens... they all make messes. Have fun and we really look forward to serving you soon.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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